SAP Basis Interview Questions
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i work on sap 4.6c sap r/3,what happens is my sap mmc starts up,database startsup,message server startsup and also the dispatcher,but all the workprocess remain in running state,and they never come to waiting state? Can anyone help me out?


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Hi Al I have a small querry in SAP there are different type of Users one of them is System User I want to know why the system user is created and if created what is use of them and how they are associated with the Dialogue User ,As we all know Dialogue user can perform all work in Sap by logging in the sap server , so why the system user is created and how they are associated with Dialogue user With Rgds

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what is the difference between SAP AND ASAP

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Can you create a table with fields not referring to data elements?


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What should be the approach for writing a BDC program?

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What is ERP?

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What is SAP?

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Explain the concept of ?Business Content? in SAP Business Information Warehouse?

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Why do you usually choose to implement SAP?

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Can BW run without a SAP R/3 implementation?

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What is IDES?

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What is WF and its importance?

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What is SAP R/3?


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What are presentation, application and database servers in SAP R/3?


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Name some drawbacks of SAP?

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How to transport objects from Production to Development?


What are steps for DB Refresh?


How to identify a particular T_Code has been modified or not? If yes, how to identify who modified particular T_Code in current system?


hi friends, in sap screen with 000 client i unable to logon,with 001 client i can login but i want to log on with 000 client how i can loggin with 000 client intial screen ,please can u help me


What is SSO? How to configure SSO?


User wants lock ASAP then what will u do?


Why we execute SGEN, which Tables it modifies,will it cause DB growth? is it possible to execute SGEN later on after Golive?


In the Sap Easy Access Menu I see the menu System -> User Profiles ->Own Data. Other options Hold Data is to keep data values that you have entered in a field of an application for the duration of the session; SET DATA not to overwrite the data and DELETE DATA to delete the set data. Can somebody explain me the Hold Data, Set Data and Delete Data with examples, i mean giving an example of fields?


What is the use of account id in logon tab?


if i want to limit the condition record validity for forst 10 orders how can i do tht plz ans i hve interview in 2/3 days


What are the pre requisite for the SAP Installation?


how to do system refresh?not the client copy but the-standard-system-refresh.


Hi,My name is Saurabh I have done BMS & currently working in Wipro BPO (1 year). I want to pursue my career in SAP. As I am totally new in the IT field(no course & no experience) Please could you suggest whether to do a certification from Certified institutes or Non Certified institutes.What is the difference? Also, Is MBA necessary to do certification from Certified institutes?


Where XML file is generated in solution manager?


Where is the Deletion Flag or Indicator used in archiving process?