Software Interview Questions
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Describe a complex problem you have solved or haven't solved?

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What are your short-range and long-range goals and how do you expect to achieve them?

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What are your Greatest strengths and weaknesses?

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What do you expect of others in a team environment?


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How do you establish working relationships with new people?

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What is Copy Constructor?

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How would your co-workers/classmates/friends describe you?

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Give an example of a time when you had to make a quick decision on the job?


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What would you want to achieve in your first year on the job?

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what is wrun.ini file..what it consists?

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What id DB Folder? when it will be created and what it consists?

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How do you find the number of elements in a list box in winrunner?

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How to fetch a value which is in a particular cell in a html table?

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What are command line options?How to invoke winrunner with vb add in using command line options?

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How VisiBroker provides an Enhanced Object Discovery Using the Location Service?


How to display seconds, minutes, tracks of an AVI ?


Do anybody have any idea about the testing tools related to client-server apllications( for banking application or products ).Kindly tell me both open source and licensed tools. Thanks in advanceRegards


how do we explain a project in cognos in an interview? please help me. Also how do we perform testing in cognos after creating reports?


What Is ActiveVRML?


How to codify for an Item in SAP? How many digits are required for an item?


How to create a tooltip in Webi? Is there a way to create Tooltips in Webi reports for non- hyperlinked columns? Users should be able to hover over a value in a column in the report and that should show a tooltip box with more detail regarding that column value. This is possible when you hyperlinked the column,Is it possible when you dn't have hyperlinking? Thanks in advance.


What is the use of FNR?


what is universe null


How does the Internal QA Audit relates with the ISO Standards level ?


What do you mean by ** Generated password is not downward compatible** ?


what are the common errors that occured while programming in AS/400?


What are Smart Tags and Refactor in Visual Studio?


What is difference between header and line level billing?


What is the option used in PostgreSQL to increase the number of shared memory buffers shared among the backend processes