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Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringCompany : Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority SEWA

:Q: how to find the voltage drop

Interview Questions :: PharmacyCompany : Indoco

:Q: what is difference between usfda and mhra guidline

Interview Questions :: Mechanical EngineeringPosted By : vivek kumar

:Q: how calculate the bearing number from inner and outer dia of bearing

Interview Questions :: Mechanical EngineeringPosted By : vivek kumar

:Q: how much capacity of id fan for 200HP induction motor

Interview Questions :: Microsoft CertificationsPosted By : sumantr

:Q: What is the difference between joining and blending in Tableau?

Interview Questions :: Web Related AllOtherPosted By : sumantr

:Q: Tableau Training for Beginners

Interview Questions :: Civil EngineeringPosted By : kumar

:Q: what will be the cost of thickness of 125mmor rcc measurement of 52x33.75 feet

Interview Questions :: Mechanical EngineeringPosted By : bathini hareesh

:Q: why are using ahu?

Interview Questions :: Mechanical EngineeringCompany : DEI

:Q: Where oranges are mostly found in india?

Interview Questions :: Microsoft Related AllOtherPosted By : chris1

:Q: Provide some Vlookup Examples?

Interview Questions :: Civil EngineeringPosted By : g.pavithra

:Q: How many Sft of Level Plaster per Kg

Interview Questions :: Chemical EngineeringPosted By : kangchuentat

:Q: QUANTUM COMPUTING - EXAMPLE 32.6 : (a) Let H | 0 > = 0.707 ( | 0 > + | 1 > ), H | 1 > = 0.707 ( | 0 > - | 1 > ). Find the values for H | 0 > + H | 1 > and H | 0 > - H | 1 >. (b) In quantum computing, a qubyte is a quantum byte, or 8 quantum bits, a sequence processed as a unit. A qubit is a quantum bit. According to Alexander Holevo in his theorem, n qubits cannot carry more than n classical bits of information. What is the maximum amount of classical bits of information that can be carried by 1 qubyte.

Interview Questions :: Mechanical EngineeringCompany : Sterling Wilson

:Q: What do you know about DG ,A,B,C, D, Check and safety of generator.?

Interview Questions :: Business Management AllOtherPosted By : furqa

:Q: Write a program to search an integer from and array of 50 elements. Print message that the integer Found or Not Found.

Interview Questions :: Supply Chain ManagementCompany : NCC

:Q: What is ABC Analysis in store

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Interview Questions :: Mechanical Engineering Posted By : sathya

:Q: tell me about special purpose machines

A :: this machine specification is describe in its name (SPECIAL PURPOSE MACHINE) .Its not a normal machine, the machine design based on the operational requirements .whats your requirement that is the machine specifications .we are operating the machine automatically because that's the smart way to increase productivity.operational control base plc and electrical drives,motor,gears and pneumatic equipment .

Interview Questions :: Civil Engineering Posted By : visha patil

:Q: how much quantity a carpenter do shuttering per day

A :: 4.5 sq/m work per day

Interview Questions :: General Knowledge_Current Affairs Posted By : radha agarwal

:Q: Why do people prefer to wear white clothes during summer? (A) White clothes reflect heat but do not absorb heat (B) These clothes shine in sunlight (C) One can detect the spots of sweat on them

A :: White clothes will make them feel lighter and the heat will not be absorbed

Interview Questions :: SAP FI CO Posted By : ganesh

:Q: what is the debt recovery management.what is use in Sap. If you are Implementing debt recovery management so what is basic thing.Means how to run I humbly requested please provide the Answer & All the basic thing

A :: Debt Recovery Management to collect overdue receivables using internal collection departments. it offers a completely integrated, seamless processing of collection activities. The master data and open items are portrayed in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable . The functions that you need for collecting the receivables are integrated in the collection case of the component Debt Recovery Management . it can be run either in the same system or in different systems that have to be coupled using Application Link Enabling (ALE). we can run this in 2 ways 1) using Dunning Program T code - F150 And another one is with out Dunning Program transaction FP03EC

Interview Questions :: General Knowledge_Current Affairs Posted By : pushkar

:Q: Balwant Rai Mehta Committee Report is associated with (1) Panchayat Raj (2) Community Development (3) Planning Commission (4) Zonal Councils

A :: The Balwant Rai Mehta Committee was a committee appointed by the Government of India in January 1957 to examine the working of the Community Development Programme(1952) and the National Extension Service(1953) and to suggest measures for their better working.

Interview Questions :: Civil Engineering Posted By : manish

:Q: how to calculate rate analysis of M25 grade concrete

A :: Say Cement Rate 300 INR CA 675 FA 650 Labour 275 Mason 650 Miller 1200 Rs/day Vibrator 300 Rs/day Tools & cart (single wheel) 750/day Say as per design mix Cement consumption is 425 kg/cum for M35 For CC at Ground level : Cement 8.5 bags *300=2550 CA 0.95cum *675=608 FA 0.60 cum *650=390 ( Bulking Qty) Water 135L*0.10=14 Labours 18*275/25cum/day =198 Mason 2*650/25cum=52 Miller-vibrator-tools 2250/25=90 Contingency 2000/25=80 Total of above =3982 Rs/cum Cost towards Profit, Royalty, PF, Insurance, Admixtures like Super Plastisizer, Curing Cost etc to be added.

Interview Questions :: SAP AllOther Posted By : shakthi

:Q: What is the Difference between display attributes and navigational attributes?

A :: As we all know drill down in report is possible if the characteristic is navigational attribute and is not if it is display attribute.Now we will see this with some example data. Lets consider we have objects Customer, country and sales amount. we have the below data. Customer country Sales amount Cust1 India 200 Cust2 India 300 Cust3 USA 500 Cust4 USA 400 Cust5 UK 600 Cust6 USA 100 Navigational Attribute: Assume that Country is as navigation attribute to master data Customer. If we want to have an analysis about the sales based on country. Since 'Country' is navigational attribute we have an independent drill down of Country with out the support of Customer in report . country Sales amount India 500 USA 1000 UK 600 here country is an attribute of customer, as we made this as navigational attribute, it can be standalone in report with out customer. Display Attribute: We cannot go for individual drill down to country with out customer, i.e if we want country in our report then we have to drill down customer along with country. Report output will be as below. Customer country Sales amount Cust1 India 200 Cust2 India 300 Cust3 USA 500 Cust4 USA 400 Cust5 UK 600 Cust6 USA 100 Just observe the report in our first case is having only three records with aggregated value based on country but in the second we have 6 records. Hope we get clear idea about display and navigational attributes.

Interview Questions :: Microsoft Certifications Posted By : sumantr

:Q: What is the difference between joining and blending in Tableau?

A :: Joining term is used when you are combining data from the same source, for example, worksheet in an Excel file or tables in Oracle database While blending requires two completely defined data sources in your report.

Interview Questions :: Web Related AllOther Posted By : sumantr

:Q: Tableau Training for Beginners

A :: Tableau Training for Beginners To know more details on Tableau click here and call us: - +91 9972971235,+91-9663233300(India) Tableau is a unique visual analytical tool helpful in simplifying the huge/complex data into the readable & understandable format. It is being adapted by most of the business sectors these days for its easy to use and instant result orientation quality. For regular Updates on Tableau please like our Facebook page:- Facebook:- Twitter:- LinkedIn:- Google+: https: YouTube: Contact us: - +91 9972971235,+91-9663233300(India) Email us at: - Email Id : Website:

Interview Questions :: Business Objects Posted By : vikram kumar

:Q: Hi, difference between loop and trap in business objects ? Thanks in Advance nvsraghu

A :: While creating or designing of universe with the designing tool like IDT or UDT we some time get errors like Loops and Traps. As per my knowledge the major difference between loops and traps is that, Loops are visible after one runs or go for integrity check while traps are in-visible in the universe design. The traps presence can only be seen while generation of reports with reporting tool like WEBI. More to this i would also like to say that loops can be resolved by alias or use of context which depends on the scenario of the universe. Ex - for applying context to resolve the loop, number of path depends on number of fact tables and there must be more then 1 fact table. For alias we have to create the xerox copy of main table with a different name. ex - suppose there are tables like country, region, sales, client and join all the 4 tables and after one go for integrity check, there would be loop formation. So, here the main table is our country, since under country, region, client and sales would be there. So, hence one have to click on country table and create alias of that like "Country_a". Further to that, if context exist then in WEBI, it will pop out a error as -"INCOMPATIBLE CONDITION OF OBJECTS".


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