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Interview Questions :: Analytical ChemistryPosted By : ch ankammarao

:Q: What is difference between chemical Assay and Hplc assay?

Interview Questions :: Electronics CommunicationsCompany : Hyundai

:Q: What is the written test pattern of hyundai company

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : shuvankar dey

:Q: how electrical earthing maintenance done in industry?

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : yashini

:Q: What is the technical difference between On delay timer and a Star delta timer?

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : venki_shaju

:Q: What is the current carrying capacity of flexible cable?

Interview Questions :: Accounting GeneralPosted By : vijo

:Q: How to post salary advance transfer from one branch to another branch ?

Interview Questions :: Everything Else AllOtherPosted By : prakash

:Q: What is the strong quality on u that can a company hire for this post

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : md ayyub

:Q: From past few months I am getting lagging pf even though sufficient capacitors used in circuit. Where is the problem pls answer

Interview Questions :: Civil EngineeringPosted By : murgeshhr

:Q: how can we construct building without foundation providing only grade beam at ground level

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : md..shahnewaz

:Q: Generator,motor and alternator Working principal Please explain easily

Interview Questions :: SAP FI COPosted By :

:Q: How do we create business transactions in Cash

Interview Questions :: Accounting GeneralPosted By : rahul rajput

:Q: Where do we create House banks and what is the process in sap fico

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringCompany : Getco

:Q: what are the reasons of CT circuit faulty in busbar protection scheme?

Interview Questions :: AFMCPosted By : nehal sharma

:Q: LCM of √3 and. 4 ??????????

Interview Questions :: Engineering AllOtherPosted By : computer123

:Q: 95) func(a,b) int a,b; { return( a= (a==b) ); } main() { int process(),func(); printf("The value of process is %d ! ",process(func,3,6)); } process(pf,val1,val2) int (*pf) (); int val1,val2; { return((*pf) (val1,val2)); please help me in detail ....with flowchart

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Interview Questions :: Electrical Engineering Posted By : abdul

:Q: What is CCTV System???Applications........

A :: The main purpose of Cctv is to monitor theft. If u installed Cctv in your surroundings if someone looks the camera means they see them like police standing in undercover.

Interview Questions :: General Knowledge_Current Affairs Posted By : stalin

:Q: The weight of an average human male brain is about 1 1 kg 2 1200 gms 3 1350 gms 4 1500 gms

A :: 1500

Interview Questions :: Funny Interview Questions Posted By : thaha muhammed

:Q: Solve this: Im a 11 Letter City. Last 6 letter is fruit name. 7,8,3 is a bird name. 6,7,5,3 is a part of a face. 1,8,3 is use 4 student. 9,5,3 is a soap name.

A :: 1: Pondicherry 2: cherry (6,7,8,9,10,11) 3: hen (7,8,3) 4: chin (6,7,5,3) 5: pen (1,8,3) 6: rin(9,5,3)

Interview Questions :: Electrical Engineering Posted By : sumityadav

:Q: what will happen if u run induction motor beyond its rated speed

A :: Induction motor acts as generator when its speed increases than the speed of its stator rotating magnetic field. If a prime mover is connected to the shaft and the stator is connected to ac supply, when it is rotated at a speed greater than the speed of rotating magnetic field, slip becomes negative(-1 < S < 0), torque becomes negative along with the rotor current and power. Therefore motor starts supplying current or power to the supply lines where it is connected. Credit:

Interview Questions :: Electronics Communications Posted By : srujana

:Q: What is the written test pattern of hyundai company

A :: Aptitude and technical

Interview Questions :: Business Objects Posted By : girish kumar

:Q: How to create a tooltip in Webi? Is there a way to create Tooltips in Webi reports for non- hyperlinked columns? Users should be able to hover over a value in a column in the report and that should show a tooltip box with more detail regarding that column value. This is possible when you hyperlinked the column,Is it possible when you dn't have hyperlinking? Thanks in advance.

A :: We have option to insert comments from BO 4.2 version which fulfills this feature

Interview Questions :: SAP SD Posted By : ashish kumar thakur

:Q: Tell me the STO Process ?

A :: STO Process One Step method Two Step method 1. One step method- STO PO(ME21N) - Outbound Delivery(VL10b)-pf Invoice(VF01) (if req.)-Excise Pass on(J1IIN)(RG1 Register will updated) no accounting entry,Goods movement type 301. 2. Two step method -Plant Activity- STO PO(ME21N)--Outbound delivery (VL10B) PF Invoice (VF01) if req--Excise Invoice(J1IIN). Depot activities-- MIGO (Good Receive)--Excise Capture (J1IG). Accounting Entry happen, and RG23D register will be updated, Movement type 303

Interview Questions :: Tourism Hotel AllOther Posted By : akash kumar

:Q: why do you want become a cabin crew?

A :: Cabin crew is not just aboout flying to different countries or places. Its more about addresing passengers concerns, helping them being responsible and make sure they are safe. Having presence of mind and Ready to clean the flight and picking wastes. I want to become cabin crew because i am ready to do it.

Interview Questions :: SAP SD Posted By : tej

:Q: what is otc(order to cash) process

A :: o2c is business process ,which is entire process depanding on only credit .it has consits of *Reciving order to customer, *Providing goods/services *Reciving payment of customer. Basically ,it has 5 applications i.e Sales ,Order drafting ,Credit, Invocie ,collection & Cash Mgt.

Interview Questions :: Electrical Engineering Posted By :

:Q: What are the advantages of DOL starter?

A :: 1. low cost (compare star delta stater) 2.simple operation 3.troubleshooting easy 4.easy maintance 5.compact size 6.over current protection 7.line voltage direct apply to motor terminal .


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