What are the disadvantages of using explicit enhancement?

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please any one can give me the guidence to learn adobe forms& webdynpro technologies?and please provide links goodone to study material to learn? thanks

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is it possible to insert records into structure? if yes means how many records can be inserted?

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what is the difference between FOR ALL ENTRIES and SELECT * FROM ?

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stock transfer from one plant to another plant ? i want the total description.

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How to generate and processing the session in the same program?

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i have 3 screens say S1,S2,S3 and i want to validate only S3.What code shud i write in the flowlogic of the screen??

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what is the Tcode to send customer master data to another system.

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What are control break statements?

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how to create a button in selection screen? how to add a gui status in a selection screen?

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what is meant by HIDE statement?

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Can we reuse a userexit?

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