SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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Explain a report that you recently did?

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Tell me MM related report that you have done?

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What you did in BDC?


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How do you do Recording and what will you do?


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Modes in Call Transaction?


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How do you handle in Call Transaction?


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How will you do in session method?

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What are the FM you used in Session method?


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How will you process the Session method in Background?

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What is Direct Input method?


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What you did in scripts?

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What you modified in Purchase Order?


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How you upload Logo?


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How do you check it out whether the Logo is added or not in your forms?


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"What is NAST Table, what it will consists?"


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Proxy Programming with ABAP - How to develop the Proxy identification through programming


Can i Have Some Realtime Examples on Badi ?


why to create a custom BAPI if the BAPI already exists? y to find BAPI again? frankly even i dint undstnd tne question properly. if any one come across this q please do anser me.


What is the table & field to identify the no of items (bottles) stored in one case?


How to split one Invoice into Multiple ( Step by Step)?


How to find Kernal badi ?


How do you work with semi colon se[arated files in BDC ?


Give Some examples of reports generated in real time scenarion? Also give examples of standard reports in SAP used in real time?


How to convert the Unit for 'Distance' (The value from one Unit to another).


Hi to all abap gurus iam new to abap and my querry is as follows . and i feel so happy if u give exact anwers ? Querry1: i have one page( named "page1" )in my script with three windows(logo,adress,main windows) my requirement is to display some dynamic data in the script that is list of orders of the customer whn u give the customer number in selction-screen .then we can go for main window only to dispaly dynamic data ? or is there any other option ? then what should we give as apage number in the next page attribute in the header information. suppose if i dont give "page1" in the next page attribute as anext page what will happen ? i mean that dynamic data will be displayed or not ? Querry2: one one more querry incase if we have two pages in my layout .in page1 (3 windows as said above ) and page2 ( only logo and address window ) and no main window in page2. now if we give "page2" as next page in the next page attribute of page1 then that dynamic data will be displayed or not ?


Will 50,000 records be uploaded directly into APP's Server?  


pls if any one have idea ,reply as soon as possible 1.Allied solution group inc. is a genuine company or not ? 2.what is update module. 3.Transaction: scc3 what it is?


How to read files and process BDC's automatically ?


what is 3 tire architecture and how does SAP utilizes this architecture. and how do netweaver came into picture?


how can you display data say "your name"in sap script without print program or driver program??