How to find Kernal badi ?

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When i create a Table Maintenance Generator ,which is the event that will Trigger ?

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How to Create an Interactive List based on the selection criteria specified for the customer number for displaying the customer information on the basic list, their corresponding order details on the secondary list. Plz specify the coding details. Regards, Rahul

1 Answers   TCS,

Hi all, How can u get the Sales order no. if u know only Delivery order

4 Answers   Satyam,

Can we debug RFC's? If yes how can we do?

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how to see the table output?

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1. what r the step followed for ALE Idocs ? 2. what is process code ? where it is define ?

1 Answers   IBM,

what is the Difference Between session and call transaction?

5 Answers   Keane India Ltd,

what command will use in logical database for retrieve the data (select OR retrieve OR GET)

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If we put Top of Page in between Start-of-selection and End-of-selection and what happenes

2 Answers   TCS,

How can I pass SELECT-OPTIONS to function module generated by SMARTFORM?

3 Answers   Smart Shine,

how to find the print/driver prg of smartform.I used FM SSF_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME in driver prg.

6 Answers   Wipro,

Fallback class

0 Answers   Infosys,