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TCL Interview Questions
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Method of findingthe dry ingredient quantity of 1 m3 concrete.

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what is the entry & exit criteria of testing process?

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When are you done testing?

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what are the various PHP Script Optimization techniques?

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Why most of the software company preferred manual testing even though many automation testing tools are present in the market.

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What does Test Grid contains ?

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What is the Difference Between MCCB & ACB & VCB

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how do find all failed login attempts via ssh?

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In how many ways can 5 girls and 3 boys be seated in a row so that no two boys are together?

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i want some basic level enterview questions can any one can help me in this

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How to calibrate the magnetic flow meter and how to correct the flow if it is showing more flow.

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Which is the best place or learning center for MS SQL?????In Bangladesh?????


HOW can I work UNIX commands on Windows XP without installing UNIX O/S in PC

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if storage contain 500 disks in this one disk is failed,we placed new disk in failed disk place,how can we find out exact path of the newly installed disk when we execute format command?

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what are the items comes under the profit appropriation account?

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Un-Answered Questions

How does XDR'S use of the buffer paradigm make programming easier.


what justifies that you have an aptitude for management educative training?


please explain the uses of internate protocol address(ip add)?


There is no item category assigned to account


Draw a flowchart to find the average of four number?


A c program to display count values from 0 to 100 and flash each digit for a secong.reset the counter after it reaches 100.use for loop,. pls guys hepl me.. :(


What is computer-based information system (CBIS) mean?


what goals do you have in your career


Hi i am aneesh, done btech in applied electronics & instrumentatiin. And then i took mba in finance & marketing.After that i got placement in finance co and worked there for 3.5 yrs.Now i wanted to come back to engineering job.But without engg experience, i may not able to find an opening.i have done a course related to flow meters and ite calibrations. Kindly suggest where should i try to get a job?


what is the difference between Assets Allocation & Security selection?


Am a software professional having around 7-8 yrs of exp. Any job opportunites are available in the market for his profile? have exp in Java technology. Is it Ok to switch the job this time considering the s/w market condition? Also would like to have set of interview questions for Java+7-8yrs exp profile.


What is 3 selection available when configure the burnout protection for controller


explain the advantages of total stasion


what is the Ambient occlusion map?


What kind of deliverables you have on a day to day basis?


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