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UHG Interview Questions
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What is QA Life cycle

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When i go to interview in any company they told me only one question why u r join this company and why u r quit for your current job ?

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What is the error condition that is set when the file specified in the NAME option is not in the FCT?

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If we hire you, and then another company will offer you more money - what will you do?

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what is your strength

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I wnnt to learn about QTP Automation Framework,please give URL Address to get more information about AFW.


2.What is loop? How resolve the loop?explain it?

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how u write vb script in qtp pls give me some basic script and some material

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How to connect SMTP server in php. I want to edit that in mantiss bug tracking tool. If anyone worked on mantiss software or in php, please give answer . I need to modify that in mantiss software.

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what is aregular expression?

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speak for 2 minutes on some topic

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In a yahoo web Application there are 65 day it will opens 50 links and another day it will open 55 links.In this scenerio write Descriptive programing for Automation?....Pls write the code for this scenerio.

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whow much strong on VB and C?


What is a diff between joiner and lookup transformation

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Regular expressions..... Actually how to use this and what is the exact syntax and can anybody can help me out this with there any docs pls send to my mailid

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Un-Answered Questions

what is the procedure for java stack upgradation?


Dear Friends, Please help me with the below, I am new to the current company and newly accountant. My question is, In Balance sheet, Cash in Drawer is showing excess amount and I could not tally it with sales. Please guide me how do I need to tally CASH IN DRAWER? I don't want to reconcile. I only want to tally. Please help. Thanks in advance.


What kind of maintenance is conducted for Transformer


2. Tell me about a time when you had to use your presentation skills to influence someone’s opinion.


When we use proxy and when we use for idoc?


in Telecom DC system-why positive +ve is made earthed.and - ve is fed to load.


What two possibilities are there to describe how gene fragments may have evolved?


trasnfarmaer core make


we specify current in case of feeder but in case of distributor voltage, why?


what is the most challenging situvation r u phased while during testing?


What is Labour Cess? Pl. define. & what is rate of Labour cess.


How to Form Internet (IPv4) Socket Addresses?


How to Create a Prompted Query?


Why we use DPPH in ESR and DPH in fluorescence spectroscopy?




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