What is special G/L, why and when will use this?

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any body send the configuration of investment management

0 Answers   TCS,

Generally what order will be followed in implementation of sap modules?

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Hi Experts could u please me some questions with answers like they will ask in interview for experiences peoples to test whether they are experiences or not? its urgent.

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what is mean by blueprint

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Automatic clearing Ib OB74 based on criteria I have defined document type and account no. and whether it cleared automatically or we have to go to F.13 do test run after that we will clear the document

0 Answers   Mind Tree,

Why the companies Using SAP FICO? What is the Exct Features of this Module? And i Know the why SAP using and Uses of that one Please Give me a exct ANS? Thanks

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what is meaning of rest and reversal & reset

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what is customizing request?

4 Answers   Infosys,

What is the reason behind reclassifying payables & receivables as FI month end activity?

3 Answers   IBM,

Is it possible to assign a auto cost center to a plant? If yes then how?

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When I post any transaction in F-02. Showing error as "No amount tolerance range entered for company code" and if i press enter again for the 2nd time, its showing error as "Company code not assigned to country or country to calculation procedure". Please provide me a solution for this?

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In GL Master Record creation (FS00) for what type of accounts do we need to select "Open Item Management" in the control data field? Why ? Explain the concept

8 Answers   IBM,