difference between high and low impedance BUS BAR relay??

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Operation of isolators.

0 Answers   KSEB, Siemens, L&T,

what is the highest voltage for transmitting electrical power in india

5 Answers  

What is the difference between "Earthing" and "Neutral"?

10 Answers   Power Grid,

What is the difference between AC voltage and DC voltage?

6 Answers  

how is reactive power controlled on the transmission system

2 Answers  

why the transformer secondary voltage is more than the load end voltage like t/f 11KV/433V for 415V(terminal voltage)

4 Answers  

what is electrical?

15 Answers  

what is the minimum dielectric stregth of transformer oil.

25 Answers   HP,

what r substations?what r there work?why voltages r incresed and then reduced during distribution of power

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explain me how a power factor is improved by adding a capacitor?what capacitor do to improve it?in simple words and in detail?thx

7 Answers  

If in a 3 phase supply if the load current is 200A what value of current the each phase R,Y & B will carry?

5 Answers  

what will be the effect if you were using different brands of outlets?

0 Answers   TESDA,

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