difference between high and low impedance BUS BAR relay??

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why the transformer connected like STAR- STAR, DELTA- DELTA, STAR- DELTA, DELTA-STAR ...? why these connections ,,, explain the advantages these connections?

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what reason of line current and phase current in star connection and line current and phase current not equal in delta connection?

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what is full form of google

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Either the Armoured Earthing strip of HT 3 core cable have to pass through CB CT or not , why ???

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what is the basic differnce between ground and earth

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how can i design a APFCR panel? please explain with example..

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What is d main advantage of using double circuit 3 phase transmission ?

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why capacitor is placed in fan

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what is the potential difference between line and earth?

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My question is whether bellow formula is correct to find bus size for 46kA for 0.5 second & what is RT in bellow formula. formula to calculate the size of busbar to withstand the thermal stresses due to currents with duration of 0.2 sec to 5 sec. Sp = RT( I x I x t) / K Where Sp – is the cross sectional area of bus bar in millimeters. I -    is the value of AC fault current. t -    is the operating time of disconnecting device in seconds. K –  is the factor depending on the material of the conductor, insulation and initial and final temperature. Value of ‘k’ for copper is 143.

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Does the total power means fundamental plus Harmonics?

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How we can test the Smoke Detectors????

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