Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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why I-sections are considered to be stronger one than any other ? how does a ship floats?

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1.Method of finding dry ingredientfor 1 m3 concrete. 2.Method of finding dry ingredient for 1 M3 plastetr.

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what is an engineering?


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what is the significance of pressure angle in spur gear? What is meant by self locking in worm and worm gear?

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what is ultimate tensile strength? for any material give relation ship between various stretgth like tesile, shear, % dformation?

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1.In modal analysis ,we can give damping or not? 2.draw goodman's rankine fatigue curve? 3.write down goodman's rankine fatigue equation? 4.IN structural analysis ,out of so many stresses,why von-mises stress are chosen?


1 5445 you please send all INTERVIEW Unigraphics/ansys QUESTIONS&ANSWERS. structural analysis,linear,nonlinear analysis,modal,harmonic analysis all questions @answers? Send all typical HR questions &answers?

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how you want your manager to be? what is the think like is your previous manager? why you want to change the job? would you like to team or individual ?why? how you react when manager shout?

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what kind of carrier you would like to build yourself?

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describe yourself

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If we put a ball(made by metal) of dia 10mm on table of size 200 mm*200 mm . weight of ball is 10 kg(98.1N) it should point conact with table than what is the stress acting on table and why?

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What are all the possibilities discharge will be low in the pumps?

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What are all the possibilities discharge will be low in the pumps?

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how can you calculate angle of bite practically???

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how to implement spc. why we need spc?


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How to find the max load of the engine?


Dear Sir, i need previous technical question papers, if possible so please tell from where i got these papers.


How the F.W.C. system of diesel engine circulate?


What are the causes of turbine vibration


what is the different between mechanical starter vs electrical starter? Solid stage starter? Soft starter?


wap to insert an element in array at a particular location


Hello friends on 10th feb my campus interview of Vikram Cement group compony of Aditya Birla.So please suggest me which kind of prepration I have done to success the interview.


Name the four most important components of a Freon refrigeration system.


How to recommend which type of coupling is suitable in particular area


How work the mobail vibrator


What is the melting temperature of the cng long tube fusible plug? And can I use lead solder Sn97Cu3 (Melting temp S/L 227-309 °C) Materials of tube : AISI 4130 Alloy steel


What is difference between ASME EN & IS related welding procedures(WPS/PQR/WPQ)


Which type of question u have asked to the fresher


Draw a crankshaft and show the parts?


sir, can you give me full idea for computational fluid dynamices and how can work in CFD