Chemical Engineering Interview Questions
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what are your personal standards and how do you achive them?


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How much experience you are having in commercial software for protein design?

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Are you having any experience in antibody designing?


How many years you are having experience in supervising others in lab environment?


Explain various protein purification techniques?

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Any idea on recombinant protein expression?


sir/mam . I am a fresh student of chemical engineeing. i've somuch fear to face intervies. I become neverse when entered into company. what shall I do? please suggest me some tips to face the interview.

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what is unit operation?

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What is are the main terms in Unit Operations? and what is its charecteristics?


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Do you have recombinant protein expression experience? Explain?


What can cause bulk solids to stop flowing from a bin?


How to determine the particle size distribution for a given bulk solid?

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What is the most common cause of solid size segregation in bulk solid systems?



What is the reason for removing silicon from aluminum?


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What are the steps involved in wine making?

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i want sample inteview question of chemical engg for BARC


can anybody give me syallbus of chemical engineering for section engineer in railway.


which materials can l use if l want to use length wave 680 to 900 in hplc


In Pressure Sfety Valve(PSV) 2" by pass line why given for process units.


if i added hypo before DM plant so i will affect my resins of anion or cation. if affect it so do prevent what kind of step should be taken to remove hypo before DM inlet?


How much will be the increment for postal assistant yearly?


We are having proplem with the persperation smell in ETT/ECHO room in our cardiac hospital.The 2 Ton of AC is not conditioning the environment. We have to use exhaust fan to through out of the room bad air. Could anyone suggest how to coup with this effectively using chemical engineering. Any permanent solution to neutralise the bad smell.The Air freshners are not doing enough instead making a bad odour.


whats the allowed tolerance of pipe to pipe butt joint mismatching


pleas tell me about chemical engineering apptitude test..


how can I find out a sulfuric acid recovery plant disigner?


what are the chemicals used in PFR and MFR to Process?


how should i prepare for my placements.i am a student of chemical eng,final year,thapar university


how will we calculate the heat of formation through electron...??


What is the order of a chemical reaction, , if the rate of formation of 'C', increases by a factor of 2.82 on doubling the concentration of 'A' and increases by a factor of 9 on trebling the concentration of 'B'?


friends....i have been searching the model paper for HPCL officer trainee for chemical eng....tat apptitude section...if u people got any information regarding tat...please send me to my id is: send me wtever information u knew....thank u....