Can anyone done BDC/LSMW/BAPI for F-02 and F-04.If yes let me know the processs

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Reports: Event functionality.

0 Answers   Infosys,

please tell me. different ways of find out the user exist?what is the basic difference between ,user exist ,BAdi,Bapis?

1 Answers   Cap Gemini,

In the scripts,Which is mandatory function module means with out Open_form and can we write the print prg

2 Answers   Deloitte,

how to retrieve the field label of data element in reports.(not in alv)

2 Answers  

I am trying to automate a manual processing of iDOCs in BD87. I used the following code to pass idoc-id to global variable 'DCN' and then skip the first screen of BD87 to go to processing directly. After running this code SET PARAMETER ID 'DCN' FIELD itabhdr-idoc_id. CALL TRANSACTION 'BD87' AND SKIP FIRST SCREEN. it takes me to the first screen because it cannot recognize my idoc-id. How I can pass idoc-id to global? I have used the above code to goto VA02 with VBELN and it worked perfectly.

0 Answers   Cybernetix,

What is BDC programming?

5 Answers   Wipro,

Suppose u r using FOR ALL ENTRIES. What happens when there is no data in the itab which is using all the entries?

11 Answers   Satyam,

Explain the way(s) you find an exit(s) to a given standard sap program?

3 Answers   IBM,

hi friends, while sending idoc's to receiving system,i got msg type 3 and 12 in sender side.but in receiving side while executing we02 ,i am getting error 'no idocs selected' instead of getting msg type i am simply sending one material from one client to other client.if anybody knows that problem ky revert back.

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How to join 3 tallies & looping. We have developed a program in a client say (200- client) and 210 has test data. No developing rights. How to test data?

1 Answers   IBM,

You are running a report. It is taking long time for execution. What steps will you do to reduce the execution time.

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what is the process of dialog program from first to last?

3 Answers   Intelligroup,