Can anyone done BDC/LSMW/BAPI for F-02 and F-04.If yes let me know the processs

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Control Break St........i have written At new for customer and in the loop customer came in the 3rd it'll trigger in the 1st record of the loop or 3rd record ?

1 Answers   IBM,

How to Split one delivery into many ( Step by Step)?

2 Answers   Accenture,

how to find the print/driver prg of smartform.I used FM SSF_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME in driver prg.

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Diff b/w ECC6.0 ,ECC 5.0 and 4.7......

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Events used in Interactive Reports?

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What is the function of Substring?

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Give few names of cluster tables in sap? Give few names of pooled tables in sap? give few names of transparent tables?

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what are Table-Controls?

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How to create a index on views?

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What is schema and transaction code

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Hi Toall abap gurus what are the variants in alv reports ? and what is the use of reuse_alv_variants_get ? and what is the purpose of i_save parmaetr in the resue_av_grid-display funmodule? what is the purpose of reuse _av_default_varinat_get ? Thanks in advance for ur answers kumar

2 Answers   ITC Infotech,

I am getting the (first) page number and the remaining records displayed in another list in another page BUT the PAGE Number is not displayed? What is the code/solution?

0 Answers   IBM,