can anyone do BDC or BAPI for F-02 and F-04 transactions.If it LSMW also.Kindly let me know.

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What are the three ways for searching for Enhancements ?

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i want to block some spaces after end of page in classical report?how to do that?

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How can you change the style of Logo or type of Logo?

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what is the difference between with initialization and with out initialization?

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In Interactive report, how to go back to 3rd list directly, from 9th list?

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can u create internal table dynamically ? how?

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what are conversion routines

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When we are updating certain database table with 100 records and we found that only 60 records are updated, then how to find the errror records and how to correct and updated again? Explain step by step.

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can onyone tell me , how many data classes and size categories are there ?

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difference between Valuation type and valuation category?

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what is meant by LUW?(Both at database level and screen level)?

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Hi to all abap guru's my question is how to print the page numbers like 2 4 6 on all pagess in smart forms means 2 on first page 4 on second page thanks in advance

1 Answers   Enteg Technologies,