why you choose marketing ?

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Answer / tushar

because marketing is the first step for the goal of company.
without marketing company will not survive in today
competitive world or market. I have ability to convince the
customer with the help of conveyancing power.

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Answer / guest

I want to choose marketing as my career becoz I hve a good convincing and communication power.

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Answer / asif

i choose marketing because i know that i m good in maintaining relationship and marketing is all about maintaining relationship with a good communication

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Answer / varun

Marketing is actually a well planned implementation of the acts which can easily make and retain good relationship with customers and to the others prospective also and i think i am good to do this job by my pr skills.

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Answer / mridu tripathi

I choose this field because as per my opinion marketing brings money to the market. No company could exist without marketing... Nevertheless companies which are dealing in finance has to start up with marketing! Insurance, loans, credit card are there products which they have to sell, that is only possible from marketing. So I find marketing is good career option. Even for girls. Like m a girl there will b some priorities to the girls who are entering into market sectors.

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Answer / satish

marketing is the key aspect of the organisation, marketing
is a process of convincing and keeping good relationship
with the different and unknown crowd and i am very good in
convincing so i choose marketing.

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Answer / rachelle villarazo

I choose marketing as my career because it is the essential and valuable asset of the company. marketing people are the thinkers they do various strategical planning, building good relationship to customer and they have the technical and analytical skills that help company to achieve it's main Goal. And I thank u :)

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Answer / mujahid

I choose marketing because I like to communicate with people.So I think it is a great opportunity to me to express my inner knowledge thoughts to customer about the products
Thank u..

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Answer / vikas mishra

I want to chose marketing as my career because i have good convincing power and easily good relationship making nature with different people.Marketing is the key aspect of ther organisation for achieved their goal. its also help me to explore myself in front of new people's which is helpful to improve my interpersonal skill's.

that's all. !!!

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Answer / anil kumar


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