How will we know in which direction a liquid is flowing in
a pipe?

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Answer / jignesh

from high to low pressure region)

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Answer / sreehari

Fluid will not always flow from high pressure region to low
pressure region. The correct answer is fluid flows from
high head to low head.

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Answer / abu

flow of liquid depends upon the pressure,so the liquid flow
from high pressure to low pressure.

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Answer / arvind singh

The fluid always not depend on the direction, the correct
answer is fluid flows from high head to low head in this

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Answer / srireddy

from High pressure region tp low pressure region always

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Answer / nilesh

it can be measured by ULTRASONIC FLOWMETERS,with the
concept of DOPPLER'S EFFECT.

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Answer / kumar suman saurabh

by applying bernoulli eqn for real fluid.....from this we
can find which side energy per unit fluid is more along wid
major losses...and fluid flows from higher energy head to
lower one.........

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Answer / karthick

i am inserting differential u tube manometer in the
this one column level is more than another,by this the flow
of fluid direction is from higher level to lower

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Answer / kumar

As earlier one told that always fluid flows from high head
to lower head. It is applicable for river water. But in
the question they mentioned clearly that liquid is flowing
in the pipe. It may be connected to pump also. then head
concept is not applicable only pressure concept.

Suppose there is a sump tank. We have to transfer that
liquid into some height. for this transfer i have provided
one pump. it will transfer the liquid from lower head to
higher head.

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Answer / neeraj kumar

we can heat the pipe (if possible) at certain location and
check the temperature on two sides of that point of heating
significantly far away and then the direction of fluid flow
would be in that direction where the temp. is higher.

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