what is deference Business area and Profit center?

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What's the diff. between Operating Concern & Controlling Area and their roll.

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Explain the difference between Country chart of accounts nd group chart of accounts

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Hi, What is the integration T.Code for PP and FI? What steps and entries involved in integration between those two modules? Any idea...? Reg, Keerthi.

3 Answers   IBM,

can one coa be assigned to several companies..?

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Hi Gurus, Iam getting an error in MT940 uploading ff.5. after processing it is showing account was not updated in the status bar and when i clicked on information it is showing me INR: statement 200900000 is not in the bank data. when i clicked on the help it is showing Diagonis : the previous account statement is not imported. Kindly help me . it is very urgent. As this is my final round of scenario round If possible send me the steps for MT940 to ra.rupa@gmail.com Thanks in Advance

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How and when fi/co functional consultant can create and release the task in transport request when this is development server, Please give detail information about this?

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Hi Can i know what is the Meaning of these in Asset Management. Depreciation key with IN3 - 15% and period control IT/IT/NL/NL (What is ment by IT/IT/NL/NL)

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what is global company currency and in which case we have to create global company currency 60 as additional currency in OB22?

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How can I copy the G/L accounts from one company code plz? 1) Within the same client 2) Without the same client Plz tell me step by step, if possible?

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Which one of the payment mode is more effective, whether of using Partial Payment or Residual Payment in th company for vendor clearing and for why? Plz. give the explanation.

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What is high leavel step in APP ? which is mandatory?

1 Answers   Seal Infotech,

Hi 1.Is it possible down payment and Partial Payment thro app? 2.Is it possible to made post dated cheques through APP? 3.one asset is using by 2 company codes 1 is in India and another one is in usa but the client want to maintain 2 diff screen layouts in India and as well as in us is it possible how? 4.is it possible to maintain 2 currencies for same company code maintain by India and usa?

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