explain which quantities change in the starting and the and the running condition in induction motor

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Is it possible to increasing the real power generation by reducing the reactive power in power generation plants

3 Answers  

how to connect generators in parallel and what are the required equipment to do so?

2 Answers   MSEB,

what is deffrent alternatid and gernater

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How to calculate meter constant in HT yard pls give me example for this issue

1 Answers   MacLellan, Juniper Networks,

why are use star delta startor.

4 Answers  

i have flexible wire. size of conductors is 0.190 mm & no.of conductors are 48. then size of wire comes 1.37 sqmm instead of 1.5 sqmm . the what is tolerance for this size.

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what is basic difference between the normal tube light choke and electionic choke ?

4 Answers   Amaron,

what is sevice settings for mccb?How can be it setted?

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What is mean by Sensitive Earth fault & what are the effects

1 Answers   Enteg Technologies,


0 Answers   Equate,

for a 33/11kv transformer, after step down what happens to the balance 22kv.

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what is the maximum load on for 10 kva & 25 kva transformer

8 Answers   ABB, Power Grid,

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