explain which quantities change in the starting and the and the running condition in induction motor

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Explain in details how you would react to an unexpected incident when your supervisor or manager is not around to give instructions?

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On what basis do you decide the ONAN (Oil Natural air natural) or Dry type transformer for a project?

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What is the method of estamating of cable, CB,MCB ?

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Is it necessary to carry out sheath test after cable jointing? If the value is zero of such instance , is it ok to energize the cable?

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how to design coil turns ?

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Application Comparison between 22KV (UE)and 33KV (E) system. Are we allowed to use 33KV (E) cable in lieu of 22KV (UE) cable. What are the technical disadvantages.

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How much pf maintan in dg set in 6o% load,when Dg runnig Neutaal Earthing removed what happen.

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what is the earth to neutral voltage(maximum and minimum) according to ieee standards

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what is advantage in open delta connection?

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which type of material is used for making motor encloser

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Piezoelectric materials serve as a source of:- A. Microwaves B. Ultrasonic waves C. Musical waves D. Resonant waves

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