Flow of SD and MM

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how many records are updated from a flatfile to sap database in one shot?

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why sapscripts are client dependent and smartforms are cliet independent,plz give me a brief explanation,thank u.

3 Answers   IBM,

which of the command flushes the database buffer? a) $free b) $tab.

4 Answers   Reliance,

how to create the new page in alv.(ex: after 50 records it will trigger new page or based on some condition).

1 Answers   IBM,


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We have got some values for Field F1 say 1,2,3,4 and F2 say 10,10,10,10.Now can you tell me what would be the output for F1 if we use At End Of event?and what would be the output for F2 if we use At Last event?Also i want to know what is the difference between Total calculation for At end event and grand total for At last event???

0 Answers   Siemens,

How do you write technical specs?

2 Answers   TCS, PWC, Cap Gemini, IBM,

B -Credit Note report Selection Screen Ranges: Creation date Sales Org Sold to Party Selection condition: Document Category – VBTYP should be ‘O’ Table to be used: VBRK, VBRP,VBPA,ADRC List the CR order types or credit billing type by customer number (or selected customer) and displays the: - Billing Document date (FKDAT) - Customer number (KUNRG) - Name of the reseller (on top of the SAP No) (NAME1) - Billing document number,(VBELN) - order reason (AUGRU_AUFT) - Amount (NETWR) - Currency (WAERK) Group Currency wise, billing type wise sum of Net value. When user double click on field ‘Billing Document #’ , display the document in VF03 Do this using OO ABAP.

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How are exceptions handles in bapi's ?

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How to insert row in an Internal table?

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Companies in India which are working in SAP-ISU?

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i have created script logo.is that logo goes to develpment to quality?

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