What is the difference between Classic badi and Kernal badi ?

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what is DYN Begin?

5 Answers   Bristle Cone,

what is Foreign key, check table and value table ....? what is the difference between CHECK AND VALUE TABLE ..? PLEASE GIVE THE APPROPRIATE ANSWERS......

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by which function module we are going to put data into sapscript ?

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How to add background picture/graphics in alv report?

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Tell me MM related report that you have done?

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what are the tools in lsmw?

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What is the button to change the variant in ALV ?p

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what is the Currency and Quantity field in BDC?

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how do you supress blank spaces in sap scripts?

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what is the differance b/w template and table in Smartforms?

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In Smartforms or ADOBE Forms Can we get text from standard table in verticle form? if yes, How?

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