what is the need of rectifier?

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Can any One Help me to Know about Fire hydrant and its related water Pressures

0 Answers   Matrix,


1 Answers  

What is vendor developement? what is the logistics transport control?

3 Answers  

is there anybody who knows how to create a palindrome program without using string functions just conditional statements? thnx for helping

0 Answers  

Why control valves are hunting on manual mode?

0 Answers   Sabic, KBT, Sun Operation,

Why Gold ,petrol,diesel,gas prices are raising in india only?

2 Answers  

What is BLEVE

2 Answers   SWCC,

what is impeller clearance?

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I am in search of PLC with Scan time less than 5ms with around IO's. Normally i feel its around 30ms. Can any one suggest?

2 Answers   HLL,

What is Industrial Engineering?

7 Answers   Bhushan Power Steel, Indian Designs Exports,

What is a scope resolution operator?

1 Answers   TCS, Hitech,

what is the necessity of floating bearing?

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