What is the maximum load of 240mmsequre single core cable can carry?

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What is floating voltage?

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why we used dc supply for field in dg set

0 Answers   Hindusthan National Glass,

How many 2 ton window A/c can runs on a 125 KVA generator?

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what are trouble functions of transformer?ex. prv trip,oltc,oti,wti.explain detail.

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what does mean for "mah" for mobile batteries like 1500mah,1300mah??

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How can we find out earth leakage,(shock)in side the house?.. (with out ELCB)

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what is LT & HT?

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how to calculate knee point voltage of current transformer?

20 Answers   Bhel, Bhilai, Jackson,

If the capacity of water Tank is 50000 Liters situated at 20 meters height from ground level,What would be the size of pipe and how much USGPH water will be supplied and what will be the motor or pump rating used for this work?Illustrate by showing formula?

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define hysteresis loss, eddy current loss and windage loss

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How to calculate of maximum demand if given 628kw, 785kva, 0.8 p.f.

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