What is the maximum load of 240mmsequre single core cable can carry?

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what will happen if earth of 33 kv cable (earthed system) is not connected to earthing pit?

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what is the Connected Load (kW) or Contract Demand (kVA)of mahindra nasik plant??

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In electrical locomotive engines, the DC series motors is being used as traction motor. But in new engines like in WAP7 & WAG9 the 3-phase squiral cage induction motors has replaced them. So can someone tell me the advantages of induction motor over dc seris motor in engines points of view....???

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Why sometime AVR and sometime Booster coil is used in Alternator? what is the diferance between AVR & Booster coil due to which they are selected

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what is p.s impedance measurement test in earthing transformer?

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how calculate external illumintion in a compound area. for e.g. there is one open park having 600m2 area and i have to put 40w flouresent tube fitting with pole. how shall i calculate the numbers of fitting.

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what is the different between surgearrester and lighting arrester

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give me name of current and volatge control device

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What is the normal earth resistance?

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What is the difference between expansion joints & thermal expansion joints in Bus bar

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What is dynamo?How it works and what is the function of dynamo in a DG.

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what is the use of megger? and types

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