Can we use Ccapacitive voltage transformer directly for metering purpose?

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What will happen if 40W and 60W Bulb is Connected in Series.

2 Answers  

what are the checks of diesel gensets

2 Answers   Hathway,

how to calculate optimum loading for transformer?

6 Answers  

how rectifier transformer work in electroststic precipetatore(esp?

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neutral earth resistance testing is it possible for transformer while in load condition

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what type of load we can give to motor shaft?

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power 148kw i need exat cable size in 148 kw in 3phase what size of cable can i used.

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How can I calculate the fault level of a transformer. 1. If fault is 3phase fault 2. If fault is 1phase fault 3. If fault is 2phase fault Dear all geniouses, can you help me by giving answer. If anybody want to send something then mail me at ""

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25 kva load,

1 Answers   Voltas,

what is meant by substation?

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transformer is connected with 50hz and 60hz at same rating which will give more output on same rating

2 Answers   Palace Consultant,

how can we change the supply voltage?

4 Answers   Areva,

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