Can we use Ccapacitive voltage transformer directly for metering purpose?

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What are the electrical engineer roles and responsibilities in chemical plant?

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can anyone send me some sample question regarding power grid corp

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what is cathodic protection and why it use in industries?

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what is the minimum recommended leakage current of an earthed cable connected to the body or skid of an alternator

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to operate air conditioner of 1.5ton what power of generator is required

1 Answers   Bharat,

how many power plants in andhra pradesh,how many types and there capacity

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what is reactive power is it good or bad for a system

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What are the protection schemes used for protection of transformers ?

3 Answers   Engineers India Limited,

What will happen if twice the rated voltage is applied to a DC motor?

4 Answers   Toyota,

current and voltage equations for a star connected load fed from a delta connected load.

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I have a 600VA numeriv digital UPS for computer only. It holds for 15 minutes only. but i am try to using home CFL Light I cant using UPS 2 or 3 secound automatic off .but computer ok how to change this is in to ups ?

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why a single phase induction motor has poor power factor

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