What is power factor why we should maintain the power factor unless what will happen

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how to select earthing conductor size of amy motor/panel etc.

1 Answers   Sony, VBB,

What is the end effect of linear induction motor ??

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advantages of vvvf drives over non vvvf drives for EOT cranes

2 Answers   HEC,

how did i get the competency certificate as electricle supervisor. iam completed my b.tech.but i dnt have any experince, this certificate is required for applyng ongc mangement trainees. what should i do sir please suggested me

0 Answers   ONGC,

magnetizer priciple

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Why is the generator rating always in kVA and motor rating in kW?

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What is core balancing in Power Transformer. What is the affect of an unbalabce core.

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Why alternators are designed at 0.8 pf lag?

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What are the components ofan HT panel in a 11kv power station?

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What are options used for earthing the switchgear.

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sir i applied for hpcl(electrical).i want to know from which subjects most of the technical que will b asked.and pattern of the written test.pls help me

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A 200W,230V lamp is connected across 115V supply.The lamp will draw power?

6 Answers   TCS,

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