What is power factor why we should maintain the power factor unless what will happen

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i want to model paper for section engg.

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what is the application of dynamic Breaking resistor in inverter ? & How it works ?

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How can we calculate the current if we have load in KVA and if the load in KW then what formula will be use for calculating the current. please give both the formula for calculating the current.

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What value(high/low) of diversity factor is desired in power system and why? How such value is achieved?

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hey guys i scored 910 on GRE and 67 on TOEFL respectively.I have an aggregate of about 74%in my B tech.For which colleges should i apply for an MS program in electrical engineering.I am looking for colleges in NJ,SC,NC,GEORGIA, NY. Please reply with a good response.....

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Why does the rotor rotate?

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1.Defination of Graund earth and neutral 2.

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why power generated only 11KV not more than???????? and why power up/down is multification of 11*?=??.??? foe Example 11/33,11/66,66/11KV etc,

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Why we use duplex coil and hook switch in telephone system?

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Why should we use the igniter in the sodium vapour lamp.

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sir , what happen if we decrease ( approx 3 inch ) the lenth of shaft in 110KW Induction , three phase motor. actually a 110KW motor is couppled with star couplling to 120TR compressor. When we doing maintenance in compressor it is required to skid the motor backword and resulting dis- alightnment . so we want to change the tyre coupling in place of existing coupling. so it is required to cut off the rotor aprox 3 inch form driving side.

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What is the min.& max distance between two earth spikes is required for measuring earth resistance of an earth pit? Is the manufacturer of Earth tester decides this? Pls explain.

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