What is power factor why we should maintain the power factor unless what will happen

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What is difference between VCB and SF6 breaker

4 Answers  

200-100/1-1A – Transformer Knee point voltage

1 Answers   AAPT,

What are the differences between single phase and three phase?

0 Answers   ABB, Essar,

sir, why alternator output is connected to delta side in to generating transformer? any reasion?

3 Answers   Kirloskar,

How to check VFD outgoing voltage

1 Answers  

why is a avtomatic voltage regulator used for?

5 Answers  

For a DY11 lighting Transformer on primary side whee to connect fourth lead? from nuetral or from ground?

2 Answers   Sabic,

What is the exact load current needed for a place which has 100nos of bulb of each 100w?

2 Answers  

what is different between installation and commonissonig.

3 Answers  

why it is unable to birds to be on a 220kV 0r 132 kv lines like on 33kV and 11kV lines?

4 Answers   MSETCL Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Co Ltd,

Difference between transmission line and cable?when ever a large water channel has to crossed it is easier to use cable then transmission line why?

1 Answers  

what is difference between neutral& grounding?

6 Answers  

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