Why we transmit the power at the voltage in the multiple of
11 or 1.1 like 11kv, 22kv, 66kv, 132kv...... some one told
me that it is due to fomr factor 1.1 of sine wave. its fine
but while transforming we can choose any voltage, so why
only multiple of 1.1 there also.......? plz tell me.

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Answer / sharan dilip

it is due to form factor.
FORM FACTOR is the ratio of rms value to average value (
voltage or current)

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Answer / hemanth

While we transmitting the power there is some harmonic
losses so we take multiple of 11kv and also due to form factor

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Answer / lokeshraj

Its fine that it is due to form factor.. but my question
was while transforming the supply in step up or strp down
why dont we choose anther voltage not the multiple of 1.1
there... we can choose aby ratio for that.... plz tell me...

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Answer / raghunath

Due to the losses. Some power is loses due to the conductor resistance while transferring 11kV at one end we may get less than that cause of that we send 11kV to get 10 kV (nearly).

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Answer / montu patel

Form factor and also 10 percent any company send due to losses so that they select multiple of 1.1

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Answer / sivashanmugam

i think that its determination of our own in abroad they
are using 30kv also ...

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Answer / baskar

i think this is standared voltage our country .in abroad
the frequency is 60 Hz

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