General Aptitude Interview Questions
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Least no. when divide by 7 gives remainder 6, 6 gives 5, 5 gives 4 and so on ?

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for cube and sphere 3 views are similarly draw one such figure?

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success is to failure, joy is to ?

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meaning of JOLLY?

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opposite to ESSENTIAL?

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"Raw" means ?

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"Command" opposite?

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GENUINE opposite?

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Sum of two consecutive nos is 55, larger one is?

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A person goes 4/5 of his usual speed reaches 10 min late to his destinaton, time taken?

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80% pass in english, 70%pass in maths , 10%fail in both , 144 pass in both . How many all appeared to the test?

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To get a parabola if you cut a section of?

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Bird is flying 120km/hr b/w B to R. two trians at B to R at 60 kmph .The distance trvelled by the bird before it is killed.

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meaning of INERT ?

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Plz send me the SBI exam previous question paper.


if the ratio of men to women in a particular dormitory is 5:3 which of the following could not be the number of residents in the dormitory


sir i need rrb secunderabad goods guard previous exam model papers




pls send me andhra bank clerk model papers&syllabus


Which one of the following is correct a) $$Z(4).99 b) $9(4)zz.99 c) A(4)BB d) +9(5).99CR


what is the number whose reminder is 2 after dividing 5and also reminder is 4 after deviding 7 and reminder is 6 after deviding 9?


I want the sbi clerical exam model papers


sir i need rrb secunderabad goodsguard previous exam papers


Package information is stored in a) DB2 Directory b) DB2 system tables c) DB2 catalog tables d) None of the above


Could anyone please email the answers to the verizon 2014 aptitude test


Write a C Program to declare an array for 2 0 floats. Accept the values from the user sort the two arrays in descending order. Merge the two arrays into a new array and display the new array.


which of the following leaders was not among the moderates


I need Matrix and Series questions with solutions.


what are the possible questions asked for bank po interviews?