How to Calculate the maximum Demand required for a
connected load for a manufacturing Plant

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Answer / mior

First of all, you need to know your total connected load
(TCL). Then, you apply Diversity Factor at your TCL to get
the Maximum Demand (MD).

You have 1no. 36W Florescent Lighting and 1no. socket outlet
(250W). Your TCL will be (36W + 250W) = 286W.

In actual, the TCL may only contribute certain percentage
for your MD; that's why you need to apply Diversity Factor

Common practice, light fitting will contribute 80% and
socket outlet giving 40% for your total MD.

Hence, your total MD will be = [(36W * 80%)+(250W*40%)
]= 128.8W

Therefore, your total MD to be declared for your Utility
Provider will be 128.8W.

The link below might help your for more info.

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Answer / yogish

There is no specific method to calculate the MD from the
CL. It really depends on the following: -
1. Type of industry: Continuous or Batch process, Heavy or
Medium or Small
2. Mechanical load or Heating load or Furnace load
3. Plant at infant stage or stabilised
4. Standby loads included
5. Largest single load and its starting method
6. Possibility of staggering load without affecting
7. Whether the major motors are optimally sized or oversized
We can get at some figure, only by experience in a similar

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Answer / sachin

First try to know what is mean by max demand . Max demamd
is the simutaneous max requirment of power for any unit.
there is no standard practise to calculate the MD of any
unit . but one can carry out as follows.

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Answer / parag nikumbh

MD in KVA = (connected load in kw x Diversity factor) / P.F.

Diversity factor can be calculated as Running load/Installed load

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Answer / j manikanta

Can you clarify my doubt.
we have a Total connected load 100 KW. We want to take an HT Connection in Andhra pradesh. So how much KVA will be sufficient for my plant. Kindly suggest me about CMD.
We will use 80-90% of Connected load. And what is diversity factor. how we need to calculate this

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Answer / kanand078

first calculate the total load in plant. and find the
voltage and current,after u can use this formula and
calculate the MD=V*I

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