Why High voltage are generate noise ?

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what will happen if the bus PT fuses are accidently removed from the circuit in 6.6kV feeder?

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As per the theory current doesn’t flows in Neutral, but practically it is not applicable, explain why?

3 Answers  

What is ics,icu,icw of load breaker

5 Answers   NPCIL, Havells,

Which oil is used in Transformer?

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what is difference between c-power & u-power air circuit breaker?

2 Answers   Areva, IIT, Marine Electricals,

What is creepage distance..... what will be the value for different voltage level

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Whats the principle of lightning? How protection against lightning is achieved? Types of protection? How to select the height of lightning spike? as per the area.

4 Answers   HAL,

why we test the core balance of the transformer?

1 Answers   Siemens,

Amoung all types of short circuit faults in a transmission line which one has less number of occurance and why?

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We have 3 Gensets 1.500kva,2.380kva,3.250kva How can we connect in common busbar&we have variable load.

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15 suspects are rounded by the police and questioned about a bank robbery. Only one of them is guilty. The suspects are made to stand in a line and each person declares that the person next to him on his right is guilty. The rightmost person is not questioned. Which of the following possibilities are true? A. All the suspects are lying. B. The leftmost suspect is guilty. B only

2 Answers   TCS,

What is mean by hormonics?

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