How to calculate air to fuel ratio in boilers

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How to calculate boiler capacity? I have 1 Autoclave, Which has to use for AAC block. Dimension for this Autoclave is - 13 Meter Length & 2.2 Meter Diameter.

0 Answers   Aevitas Pharmagro,

What are the motors used in a thermal power plant? (With type and ht/lt) What voltage levels are used in a thermal power plant?

2 Answers   OPG,

how to differentiate between "ALL fuel lost" and "All Fuel Lost" in Boiler MFT condition?

0 Answers  

How to calculate air to fuel ratio in boilers

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why HT motor star not grounded?

4 Answers   Apollo,

What is tripping relation between the turbine exhaust pressure and turbine last stage pressure....???

1 Answers   Jaypee,

why IBD Vent is kept at higher elevation than CBD ?

4 Answers  

a gas turbine have how many thermocouples?

2 Answers   DEWA,

why the Steam Turbine(20MW)center line and gear box center line not in same elevation during coupling alignment ?

3 Answers   Greenesol Power Systems,

what are all the pre commissioning activities in WTP in power plant

1 Answers  

What happen when the AVR of the generator fails? Will it cause power instability and total failure of the alternator?

8 Answers  

What is wheel chamber in steam turbine?is it impulse blades are called wheel chamber in the steam turbine?

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