What are the criteria shall be considers for sizing Fuse and MCB?
If the rated current is 10Amps what should be the fuse size / MCB Size?

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What is d diff. btw Online & Offline UPS???

4 Answers   Emerson,


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In India the supply voltage is 230 volt A.C. During the negative half cycle phase becomes neutral and neutral become phase? or what will happen during negative half cycle? how the electrons flow during positive and negative half cycle?

0 Answers   ITI,

why some transformer without breather.

1 Answers   GTS,

what is the difference between earthed cables and unearthed cables

2 Answers   Bhel,

how we calculate capacitor bank mvar for 11 kv distribution networ , and i need releation between capacitor bank with voltage, frequency, current, pf

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What is the difference between Droop vs Isoch Control?

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what is the formula for calculating motor rating? Example: If we want to rotate a 1000 kg waight disc up to 100 RPM, which size motor will require?

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I need to connect a synchronous generator to the grid using automatic synchronization and two circuit breakers (one for synchronization, one for end connection to the grid), how to determinate the required diameter of the cables?

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after syncnhronistion how generator speed controlled by grid

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if an induction motor is operated at unity power factor what will happen? will motor run or not? kindly describe a logical answer?

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what do you mean by cl PS CTs? What are technical details required for it's manufacturing?

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