what is a composite error in current transformers, why occurs & in which it will occur i.e, either metering ct/ protection ct

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Why the Motor takes High Current in Starting time?

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Briefing the effects of ASR and ACR of a double closed-loop speed regulating system.

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What are interpoles and commutation windings?Why r they used?

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what is motor?

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Why the symbol of register is "zig zag"

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please write motor, transformer, Generator setting, fault level calculation of Tr.etc

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i have three phase 25kva transformer but there is two phase line how can i connect to the two phase line?

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why do we not use equivalent voltage source in negative sequence equivalent ckt.

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why transformer rating is expressed in kva.

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can we synchronize star system generators with delta system transmission line ? and how ?

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wat is the need of capacitor on aceiling fan?

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critical losses of transformer

3 Answers   EEEC,

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