what is a composite error in current transformers, why occurs & in which it will occur i.e, either metering ct/ protection ct

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Is 3 phase induction motor can work as a generator?? if so why & how??

2 Answers   Jindal,

In a dc series motor increases in lord current results in

4 Answers  

Why Ferranti effect is occoured in leading power factor load in a overhead transmission line?

1 Answers  

11kV capacitor bank of rating 2.4KVAR, is charged with protective relays of only over current & Earth fault &.......without Over Voltage, Under Voltage & Neutral Displacement Relay. Is it advisable??

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i(1)= j0.5 p.u., i(2)= -j0.5 p.u., i(0) =j1 p.u. What kind of fault it is-- a)l-l ,b)l-l-g, c)l-l-l-g, d)l-g.

2 Answers   Areva,

what happen if we give 220 volts dc supply to d bulb r tube light?

4 Answers   RMSI, Genus,

What is working principle of ACB and VCB?

8 Answers   HCC,

How to run a three phase motor into single phase........

0 Answers   Oil India,

Explain Clearly Pahase and Neutral?

7 Answers  


1 Answers   DRJ ARDE,

what is range ACB

10 Answers  

how to maintain ht line?

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