What is the difference between line drop and percentage line drop?

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why transformer donot allow the dc?

17 Answers   ONGC,

what is the effect when the shunt field winding is opened in dc shunt motor (i) at the time of starting ? (ii) in running condition ?

4 Answers  

i want to do a project on PLC.... please give me an idea.....

1 Answers  

what's mean by Transient stability analysis?

1 Answers  

what is the use of vcb & isolator in substation?

0 Answers  

what type of motor are there in megger how they work.

2 Answers  

What are the application of Under voltage release?

2 Answers   Techno Electric and Engineering,

Whatis the procedure for getting Electrical (light) licence while Iam a diploma holder in electrical Engg . I Compleated my one yr Apprentice training & worked as a junior engineer (ele) for 2 yr(contract basis).

1 Answers   TVS,

what is the defination of 'Mass' & 'Weight'

3 Answers  

what is the function of starter & choke in the tube light set & how choke give 1000 volts while switching on.

14 Answers   IBM, ADNOC Abu Dhabi National Oil Company,

what is difference between earthingpits,earthing grid & earthing mess?

0 Answers   TATA,

On a 6 KVA UPS we have to provide a DC MCB for Battery bank of 16 nos (12 V 42 AH). What Shall be the current rating of DC MCB ?

0 Answers   TNEB Tamil Nadu Electricity Board,

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