What should I do after completion in mechatronics graduation

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why we use the casacade ??

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what's was your firt job based in mechatronic engineer and how you do to get it?

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what is critical thikness of insulation.

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pls send me the aptitude questions for jsw recruitment

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why do you studied this profession?

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encoder definition

8 Answers   Base Automation,

Hi I have done my bachelors in mechatronics engineering and PG diploma in industrial automation having 2 years of experience as electrical & instrumentation engineer in a ltd company I need to know for what all technical certification can I go for

0 Answers   VIR,

Do you studied an postgrade?

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calibration procedure for electro magnetic flow meter

1 Answers   Nalco,

As a mechatronic supervisor in field,& as a graduate student of mechatronic, what we have to know ? i mean topics, matters & other things.

3 Answers   Siemens,

resistance is the property of a material to resist the flow of current... now by ohm's law current is directly proportional to voltage. then why we transformer in small appplication... if we use resistance in daily life it will be more sufficent,cheaper,etc. than transformer

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application of pythagorous theorem

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