Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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Describe your experience with analytical instrumentation?

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Do you know what Trace metal clean technique is?describe that technique?

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Describe your experience with quality assurance and quality control analyses?

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Describe your field experience sample type collected,sample techniques,field measurements taken and equipment used?

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Do you have experience with organic extractions or tissue digestions?

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How to Perform a Recrystallization ?

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How is the Flame test performed?


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What is Fourier Transform Spectrosopy?

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what is analytical chemistry all about?

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How will you separate Colorless compound Using Column Chromatography?

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Can anybody tell me how to measure Redox potential in an aerobic matrix, for e.g., soil etc.?

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what is difference b/w tailing factor& asymetry

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How will you convert a 6 Normal solution to 8 Normal solution?

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why do u get different drug release while doing calibration of dissolution test appratus 1& 2(paddle & basket)?

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what is the defination of accuracy & presicion?

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what is the principle involved in turbidometry and nephelometry ?


what is turbidimetric titration?Give 2 examples.


Did anybody have method for acetyl cysteine effervescnce tablet


what type of questions asked on analytical balance and also give answers................all pharma companies?


what is the difference between qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis and explain them?


what is the purge flow & how to calculate


i want model written test paper for the post of analyst in IOCL(indian oil corporation ltd) any one pls help me


In IR spectra, generally a molecule vibrates without apply emr or ir light?


why we are using benzene, anyline in acetic anhdride assay titration method?


what is procedure of actual procedure for registration of drug?


As per ICH related substances stability trend limit from initial to shelf life


what is the origin to prepare standard operating procedure


How can the GC or HPLC method is selected to determine the impurity profile in drug product?


What should be the level/ Percentage of Arsenic in Arsenic free zinc.


what is definition of validation? which components are followed give detail?