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Thermax Interview Questions
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How do you measure g's?

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What is the meaning of the term "g force"?

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Convert a pressure, level, flow, or temperature process variable value into the appropriate pneumatic or electrical value given different types of instruments.

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TCS Freshers Online CAmpus Selection Procedure Apr 2 2007

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what is the function of nozzle? what happend when the fluid flow through a taper pipe i.e. what about inlet and outlet velocity, pressure,

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What is the difference between sales engineer & Project engineer? What are your strenghts & give example? Why should XYZ Company to appoint you as a sales engineer?

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what is the fullform of mccb

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what is reactive power ? what its role in transmission lines?

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How can get electrical "c" licence.I am complited in Deee.Passing year of 1993.Working in pvt cocern lt Line.Please advise me .Cell no 9994786021

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how we select the fuse and OLR rating for 3 phase induction motor from 1HP TO 100 HP?

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How to calculate cable sizes in with using motor KW? Any formula there?

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what is hardnes & how hardnes can be analysed.

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what is the full form of OTC?

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Difference between ovality

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what is sap ? can i learn sap from home ? future of sap and freshers salary and experience salary ? carrer scope for sap and please tell me indepth details of company listings in chennai ?

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Thermax Interview Questions
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