Why can't we parallel the secondary circuits of two voltage transformers?

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Why thwe Direction of Rotation of a TABLE Fan & CEILING Fan are different?

8 Answers   Wipro,

What is phase angle? and what is importance to measure it?

2 Answers  

what types of load we get from the national grid? is this capacitive or inductive?

0 Answers  

cable selection formulas for electrical load.

1 Answers   Bhel,

Pls tell me what is the exact current conducting capacity of copper and aluminium cables?how much capacity of cables need to 90kw induction motor&how?

1 Answers  

why neutral wire thin than phase wire in 4pole conductor

5 Answers   Hero Honda,

give me the details of anti pumping relay

2 Answers  

what is XLPE type cable

8 Answers   Areva,

How much current can a 3-1/2 core 100 mm wire carry?

3 Answers   Focus, Focus Energy,

How the flights will be fly be fly without ground connection under raining with thunder lighting?

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what is the difference between CT and CVT in EHV Sub Stations

4 Answers   Hofincons, Lanco, TATA,

what is pmu

1 Answers   Alstom,

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