5 major Differences between Translation and Revaluation

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What is the formula for funds available ?

2 Answers   HCL,

Hi, I have the problem with Trial balance summary1 report.When i am trying to print the Trial balance summary1 some posting transactions not appering for Period 14.Can you please tell me what was the problem?

2 Answers   Wipro,

What is Auto Accounting in Receivables?

2 Answers   KPIT,

What is write off in payables? When do we use?

2 Answers   Genesis,

For which Business scenerio is the Multi Org setup Required ?

2 Answers   IBM,

We are running Oracle EBS 11i and yesterday whilst doing my month-end I forgot to select "calculate finance charge" on form ARXSUPST AR Print Statement run. I am struggling to get to My Oracle and was hoping someone out there might have experienced or heard of a similar problem. What are my options to rectify this situation... I look forward to you inputs..... Thank you Regards Salie

0 Answers  

´╗┐Why assign balancing segment flex field qualifier in company segment ?

1 Answers   Deloitte,

I have a existing Oracle applicttions and need to bring one of the new business on it. The new business will use GL, AP and FA. We will use existing COA. This business will have 3 sets of books (1- tax book, from April to March; 2- Primary book, from July to June; 3- Reporting book, from July to June); All books will have same currency; HOW DO I TRANSFER DATA FROM PRIMARY BOOK INTO TAX AND REPORTING BOOKS EVERY MONTH? IS THERE ANY STANDARD ORACLE PROCESS WHICH CAN BE SCHEDULED? THE REPORTING BOOK WILL HAVE DIFFERENT DEPRECIATION METHOD SO HOW DO I NOT TRANSFER DEPRECIATION FROM PRIMARY TO REPORTING BOOK AND DO SEPERATE DEPRECIATION IN REPORTING BOOK FOR THE SAME ASSET THAT IS ALSO IN PRIMARY AND TAX BOOK?. HOW DO I APPROACH ON SETTING THESE NEW SETS OF BOOKS? Thank you in advance for your help.

3 Answers   Oracle,

What is ment by leased asset?

2 Answers   Sierra Atlantica, Chartered Accountant,

What is the purpose of secondary tracking Flexfeild Qualifier

1 Answers   Evosys,

what is the impact if i wrongly assign the account type to an segment value in oracle apps r12?

1 Answers   Dhanush Infotech,

Can i increse/Decrease ths size of value set ?

8 Answers   IBM,

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