PAC and simple Ac different

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For a Potential Transformer(PT), the primary neutral terminal must be grounded before energization. Why....? What will be heppend if we energize the PT without grounded the primary neutral point? Why..........?

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what is difference b/w CFL and Ordinary lamps? which one is useful for power saving?

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For example, if I use Star delta transformer for distribution, Can I Connect 230 V lighting load bewteen secondary phase & primary neutarl. What will be the effect, if I connect in this manner?

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What is Faraday's law

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What are the effects to a distribution transformer rated 10Kv with ratio 10Kv/0.433Kv, 3phase 50hz for example but fed with power supply of 11Kv?

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How to Calculate Transformer Earthing Electrode Rod Size both Body and neutral Earthing ? Any Standard Formula? Please Suggted

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9 Answers   NCC,

why onlyseries motors are used as universal motors? why not shunt?

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ups battery design formula

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sometime battery charged and then automatically charged when rectifier ON conition, is there any chances please clarify the same.

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Inductor and capacitor ........ power in one phase and ...... it in another phase. if any body found this gaps answer.please sent me to

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what is per unit calculation?looking for simple and strong explanation thk u

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