Why did you choose Indian cuisine

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how did I calculate Food Cost.

1 Answers   TFS,

why you wish to join hotel industry

1 Answers   Royal Caribbean,

what is blind baking

1 Answers  

Identify 5 things a chef would check when he receives fish to check for quality and Freshness?

1 Answers  

what is saltpaetre? what is chouid forid?

2 Answers  

what type of question will they ask in interview and how long will be the interview

2 Answers  

hi frnds, could u plz help me with the question model of the interview board of IRCTC, I'v applied for the post of EXECUTIVE(Catering)

0 Answers  

What skills (technical) did you learn during your internship training?

1 Answers   Oberoi, Radisson, Orchid,

i have done my +2 with62%and slc with71%.but one of us citizen is going to sponsor me for studying in usa.i don't have bank balance and other things to show so in this case what i have to submit for visa?

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which city is known as Manchester of India?

13 Answers  

why do u want to became a chef

4 Answers   ITC Infotech, Le Meridien,

Tell me about a time to deal with a conflict between licensed and unlicensed personnel and how you handle the situation

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