how many types of Proceing methods?

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Answer / selva

It containing lot of methods depends upon the SST criteria reuirement.

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Answer / pmrcrao

Traditional and apex method

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Answer / sri

there are only one processing method but we can use valley
to valley integration, base to base integration in that
processing method for proper integration.

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Answer / b m bbau

2 types

1 auto processing
2 manual processing

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Answer / penchal reddy

4.Peak to peak
5.value to value

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Answer / penchal reddy

proceing method created as per sop
2.Related substence
3.Uniform contuent

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Answer / dr. ajay gupta

processing method depends on our SOPs, If process of relative substance than You process in sequence one method created for Blank, Placebo, and sample, for one processing method created for Ref. Std and SST. but in case of CU, BU, Assay, and DR only one processing method created for Sample , Std. and Blank.

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