Physical Chemistry Interview Questions
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why the atomic weights are in fractions?

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Why does the experimental lattice enthalpy of NaI differ greatly from the theoretical lattice enthalpy?


Give an expression for Ka for ethanoic acid?

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what is enthalpy of hydration?

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How do you measure order of reaction?

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What happens to the solubility of group II Sulphates as you go down the group?

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How to accelerate electron capture decay?


How the value of Absorbance and molar extinction coefficient are caluculated?


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If the H were a classic particle what would be the tunneling probability?

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what is an Amphipathic protein?

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The use of vermilion on rubric of the Tartar Relation is confirmed by the presence of three lines attributed to HgS. Why should this diatomic have more than one vibrational line?


What is Downward Displacement of Water?

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What is emf and how is it used to arrange Metals in Reactivity Series?

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How much is the molar extinction coefficient of methylene blue at wavelenght 664 nm? Are molar extinction coefficient depend on concentration of solution?

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why no bond in chemistry is 100% ionic?


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What is the brigg's raucher reaction?


In testing of Cement the formula for water requirement for setting time is as below- Water required for setting time = NC x 0.85 The question is that what is the logic of 0.85 in this formula??


what does 50 denote in dowex 50 ????


Sr-90, a radioactive isotope, is a major product of an atomic bomb explosion. It has a half life of 28.1 year. Calculate the first order rate constant for this nuclear decay and the fraction of 90Sr that remains after 10 half lives?


4 Identify the substance oxidized, reduced, oxidizing agent and reducing agent for the following reactions


what kind of question can be asked in interview for polarimeter related ?


what is induction on electrical insulators


Normally entropy is expressed as q/T. But, work and heat have same unit. Why can't it be replaced by work?


Why does the experimental lattice enthalpy of NaI differ greatly from the theoretical lattice enthalpy?


What can be the supporter of combustion except oxygen.


a sample of gas occupies a volume of {450.0 ml}at {740 mm Hg}and[16C]determine the volume of this same sample at [760 mm Hg]and [37c]?


what are UV rays absorbs slightly?


Write the each half cell reaction and also net cell reaction for a cell


How can be set a responds factor for evaluating a unknown impurity by HPLC


What is the requirement to give RFlow when using RID detector?