What are steps to be taken care to create a good Universe?

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Answer / janardhan

A Universe is a business-oriented mapping of the data
structure found in databases: tables, columns, joins, etc.
A Universe is a semantic layer between Database and end
A Universe can represent any specific application,
system, or group of users. For example, a universe can
relate to a department in a company such as marketing or
A Universe can also pertain to a section within a
department or just about any set of organized procedures
such as a payroll or inventory system.
A Universe consists of a set of objects, grouped by classes.

Steps to be taken care to create :

Prepare : Know the data source

Analyze :Identify the needs of the end user population

Plan : Design the universe(s)

Implement : Create the universe(s)

Test : Using a test team (including end users)

Deploy : Distribute the universe to end users

Evolve : Adapt and extend universe over time

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Answer / saba

Integrity check of the universe
Loop doesn't contain any loops and traps

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