when i went to a call center she asked me. where u want to
see after few years?

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Answer / chandu

Well., i belive in a steady progress, and if i would have to
imagine 5 years from now, then i would like to c my self in
a good position wher i can take up more challenges and to
make sure that i would make more positive contribution to
the companies ambition.

Frnds never mention that u want to c in the HR
position or somethng else, that may lead you to a bad feed
back. Hope my answer and suggestion helps u ther.

mchandunayak@gmail.com, smiley_c_s@yahoo.com

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Answer / zakir hussain

i would like to see myslef working the same company
consitently and improve my postion from a cal centre
executive to a opertaions manager in the next two years
as per the companeies growth cylce .

Regards & thanx
zakir hussain

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Answer / ranjith

I see my self growing with the company....with partical experience 

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Answer / monika lal

i would like to see myself in a higher post with the same
company i am working for.

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Answer / lovely kummu

At good respectable position in this organization

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Answer / harish sharma


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Answer / mohammed afsal kk

i would like to reach on the top position in this industry along with to be a best team player.my ultimate aim is to create my own signature on this industry in few years.

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Answer / vinod

my zeal is to aim towards the stars.my hopes and enthusiasm
towards my given responsibilities and goals will give a
practical proven example regarding my position within few

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Answer / nitin

now im fresher and after few years im an experienced and know everything about this company that how can i will be beneficial in giving the greatest reaturn which will be productive for the company and also providing better suggestion what to follow and what not to follow which the company promoted me for better position level and for the best salary .the result is that after few years i will see myself as a manager who priorited the best and only the best working enviroment and helping other to grow fastly and efficiently that's all.

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Answer / gaurav rajgor

I want to grow with the company and whatever comes my way i
would take it in a positive manner.Since this is my first
BPO job i would like to know more about the company,about
the working process and master the process i m working on
and try to learn as mush as possible each day.I believe in
giving my best to whatever i do so i think the company will
take care of my progress if they see the potential in me.I
have never worked in a BPO before so i really don't know
about the heirarchy there so i completely put it on company
to take care of my growth.

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