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Sandvik Interview Questions
Questions Answers Views Company eMail you please send all INTERVIEW Unigraphics/ansys QUESTIONS&ANSWERS. structural analysis,linear,nonlinear analysis,modal,harmonic analysis all questions @answers? Send all typical HR questions &answers?

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What is the function of accumulator?

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i am appearing for the interview of the company SANDVIK??so if u can send me some questions or suggestions on how to prepare,it would be of great help to me.u can send the above at you.


direction of tarbine& genrator


What is means by Central Excise ? How to calculate Central Excise ? Central Excise form No. is ? What is means by ESI ? How to calculate ESI ? ESI challan or form No. ? What is means by sales tax (vat also)? How to calculate Sales tax (vat also)? Sales tax form no. (vat also) ? What is means by TDS ? How to calculate TDS ? TDS Form No. ? How to prepar of excisable & non excisable challans.? what is norms of excise & EOUs as per guidlines.


upto how many load can v connect to stabilizer which is used for tv


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Short Answer on _____________Revenue Budget


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how to describe oneself best in the interview.give the important things to remember.


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Sandvik Interview Questions
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