Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and
hence form a group. Which one of the following does not
belong to that group?

(a) 63

(b) 64

(c) 39

(d) 48

(e) 79

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Answer / guest

( e ) 79

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Answer / joydip sen


a)6+3 = 9
b)6+4 = 10
c)3+9 = 12
d)4+8 = 12
e)7+9 = 16

above five numbers b ,c ,d ,e can devided by 2 beside a.

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Answer / me

79 is prime no.

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Answer / kumar n

Kindly forward the correct answer to my ID.

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Answer / kevinn

Answer is (d) 48
The product of each number is divisible by 3 except for
answer D.

a) 3*6 = 18
b) 6*4 = 24
c) 3*9 = 27
d) 4*8 = 32
e) 7*9 = 63

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Answer / boss


(a)6+3=9 , (b)6+4=10 , (c) 3+9= 12 , (d) 4+8=12 , (e) 7+9=16

(a) is not divisible by 2

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