Sql questions to find second max salary and how to use joins

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While testing .net applications with QTP 9.1 in normal recording mode, QTP records my unintentional mouse clicks and window dragging which I don't want. But I can't stop QTP recording those mouse clicks and window dragging. Can somebody let me know how I can get rid of it, please ! Thanks.

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what are the qtp tester responsibilities?

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How can i get the image text that changes dynamically? Here i have used "GetROProperty", but it's not working. I used like Ex:Browser("webmail").Page("inbox").image ("captchaimage).getroproperty("innertext/text/value")

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What is meant by Pseudo Code?

5 Answers   Satyam,

how to parameterise a test with data base table or excel sheet?

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I have a login page like username, password and login. I have to pass the 50 user names and 50 passwords but how can i test this page with out using parameters?

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in QTP we test web based application at that time what script is run? is support vb script? plz tell me

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scalability testing comes under in which tool?

4 Answers   EpuraTech,

Is it possible to refer the same object for referring more than one object that are of different class using the descriptive programming approach? Suppose my code is 'To create the object named as obj Set obj=Description.Create() 'To define the values obj("title").value="IE" obj("type").value="text" obj("html tag").value="INPUT" 'To set the value Browser("IE").Page("Yahoo").WebEdit(obj).Set "xyz" Can I refer the "obj" object for the three objects like Browser,page and webedit objects? If so how?

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Hi, Can anyone please tell me how to connect the QC with QTP using QTP script? Thanks in advance

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explain keyword driven framework with banking domain?

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how to write testcases for web based insurance,from the script by using qtp.

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