Sql questions to find second max salary and how to use joins

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in flight reservation ex once u login, u go into next window where we hav an option of new, open and help etc.. how to fetch those options and to go to respectiv tab accordingly using qtp.. plz let me knw answer for tis as early as possible. Thanks in advance... asha

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how to read log file using QTP??

3 Answers   AppLabs,

I am using "QTP 9.0" in my system, need to install java add-ins to test the java based applications, please prvide information from where i can get those java add-ins for QTP 9.0

0 Answers   Infosys,

What is the concept of firewalls?

2 Answers   CTS,

what is actually contain test report? can anybody post the test report

0 Answers   Synechron,

For Data-Driven testing can you use micro soft word document instead of using Datatable what is your approach?

0 Answers   Nokia,

any one could you explain the following code with example: intFieldItemsCnt =CInt(GetProperty(Browser ("Browsername").Page("Pagename").Weblist ("weblistname"),"items count")) msgbox intFieldItemsCnt

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Diff b/w WEB TESTING AND Client server testing?

3 Answers   Ordain Solutions,

what type of values given to objects. EX::Set oBrowser=Description.Create oBrowser(“micclass”).Value=”Browser”

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what r the send key commands in QTP why they r used

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where we save the scripts created in one project?

6 Answers   IBM,

How Exactly we can find out the INDEX No. of any object of an application when we test that application in QTP? Explain this by giving me the example of all LINKS of G-Mail (including home page, User-account page and all possible pages you ever seen in G Mail)?????? and if your answer is that as per appearance of objects(LINKS) in application we can find out the index number in application then tell me how you find out which object(LINK) having INDEX No. 1,2,3 and so on and how you say which object(LINK) is appeared first and which is last?

4 Answers   Infosys,