QTP Interview Questions
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How to Parameterize Object repository in QTP?


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Per-Action Vs Shared repository?

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What is Active Screen in QTP?

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Use of Multiple Actions in QTP?

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What is runtime objects and test objects? What is the difference between them?


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Recovery Manager means..?

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How many check points are there in QTP and what are they?

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How to add check point?

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What is Tree view?

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What is Expert view?

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What is the scripting language used in QTP?


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Associated files in QTP?

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Use of environment variables?

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What is Object Spy?

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Can u call winRunner scripts from QTP?

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what type of automation is follwed in the project?


Is the qtp course will help to create a virtual object?


Can anyone tell me how i used QTP 9.2 use for GIS based S/w with an example?


iam have done mba(finance)in 2008. in 2008 one reputed consultancy came off campus interview our institution. i got job as "manual test engineer". now iam working as "manual testing engineer". now my problem is when iam going interview the interviewer asking like " ur mba gradute how can u get job in test engineer." this question i have faced every interview. iam explaining how iam getting job. but they are not trust me". pls tell me answer how i am giving relavent ans.. this is my mail id y.ramana84@gmail.com


What are the methods of the TextStream object that are used for reading from a text file?


what could go wrong with test automation?


after click on compose mail how can we attached a file in qtp with vbscript code


Hi All, we are using QTP Automation Scripts to test SAP. I recorded QTP Automation Scripts in English-based SAP GUI. Now we have to test a French-based SAP sytem and use the same scripts. The QTP scripts are failing when executed on the French-based SAP System due to Object Recognition Issues. What can we do? Do I re-record the scripts in the French-based SAP system?


Generic function to search for the unique link in webtable and click on it


This is a question thats generally asked in every QTP interview. What were the problems that you faced during automation and how did you resolve them?


hi i have completed my b.tech in cse stream. now i am working in an organisation in testing department. i want do sap course but i dnt know which module will boost my career can anyone suggest me which is good for my career


Give me detailed theritical explanation about keyword driven, hybrid framework, environment variables, hybrid frame work


any body plz send health care domain project to me with explanation any two modules on that project. mail_id: ranjith_99reddy@yahoo.co.in


How should I click on the right click menu objects When I trying to add the object properties to the OR.It is showing only Window(Window).Not all the objects of the window. Also while recording I found No script. How to solve this>.


Can any one tell me.......How the test engg's start testing in the compy environment.....real time tester PLSSSS help me i need in depth information regarding this...