How to calculate Temp from Resister from PT100 equation,

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why induction motor takes high current?

1 Answers   Emerson,

We have two 1 phase heating coils having same resistance of 25ohm, but during operation one takes 3A and other 6A Is it posiible Pls. explain

5 Answers   Bhel,

why neutral and body earthing of transformers kept separated? what is distance between two is required as per is?

6 Answers  

Does outdoor isolator loose connection cause short circuit current in that circuit? if yes then how ??

0 Answers  

how do you find making current and breaking current of the circuit breaker

1 Answers  

1,Building containing 25 flats how much Amp 3 pole MCCB are required? 2, For the safey of each flat how many Amp RCCB can install -loaded with A/C

1 Answers  

what is the control circuit for operating the clean room air shower

0 Answers   L&T,

Why the tank of transformer is made rectangular not circular??

9 Answers  

in 1-phase 230v,how in 3-phase 440v. in each phase in between 230v.

0 Answers  

what is relation between vector group of transformer and its load hormonics?

1 Answers   Sanmar,

Can anybody tell the formula to calculate temparature rise in the cable with respect to current?

1 Answers  

what is the correct format to create a resume for interview??

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