How to calculate Temp from Resister from PT100 equation,

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How much KVAr bank reqired for 630 KVA transformer on full load for maintain power factor upto.99

4 Answers   DLF, Dhanalakshmi Industries,


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quantizer means?

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Difference between directional over current and non directional over current ?

2 Answers  

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Why 11kv to be generated in generation station

0 Answers   TNEB Tamil Nadu Electricity Board,

how works inductive &capacitive sensors?

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what is the advantages of Lighting transformer?.. is it possible to reduce the power consumption ?.

5 Answers   Lucas TVS,

I have tow 200 KVA UPS, both are in parallel mode.My question is that, both are running on battery when power fail, if one of them fail (Eg rectifire fails or some other reason), at thet time reverse power will come to faild ups if it comes then it will harm to failed ups or not? if not then how it protects to faied ups????????????????

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How i measured Bus bars weight without wighting ?

3 Answers   Encom,

i need project topics along with circuit diagram in the electrical and electronics engg and also some websites regarding projets.

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How to connected to energy meter, pt, ct, ammeter, voltmeter and selector switch.

1 Answers   Omplas,

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