what is advantage and disadvantage of forward curve and backward curve blade of an id fan impeller and FD fan impeller??

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How are voltmeter and am meter connected in the circuit?

0 Answers   RRB,

what are the supports using in critial pipe line and what are the type of support using oil&gas, power plant.

2 Answers  

The canal joining Baltic Sea to North Sea is

1 Answers   RRB,

what is entropy acc to new concept?//

1 Answers   MAHINDRA, L&T,

In Rankine cycle there is a concept of Tm(mean temp of heat addition)For calculating the efficiency of the cycle we generally use n=1-T2/T1 again Tm taking into consideration we get n=1-T2/Tm as T1>Tm so he efficiency will be different for same cycle. Can anybody explain how is it possible? advance appriciation for your effort

5 Answers   Sail,

what precautions must be used when water washing a boiler?

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what is full form of caesar-2 for piping engg.

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why stress relieving of stainless steel is not preffered

0 Answers   L&T, Imperial Auto,

How to decide the capacity of air compressor in an industry. What are the factors taken into consideration while selecting the capacity?.

1 Answers   DAE,

What happens if gasoline is used in a diesel engine? Diesel engine will work ?

7 Answers  

why vertical type mufflers are used in highway trucks? (other them space constrain)

4 Answers   JSW,

how to calculate the turbine efficiency?

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