what is advantage and disadvantage of forward curve and backward curve blade of an id fan impeller and FD fan impeller??

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define strain

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What is mean by compression ratio?

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pl. send me jr.engg.model question for rrb malda.

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Explain the causes of the exhaust valve leakage.

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wat's diff b/w normal braek system and (ABS) anti braek system.

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give me an example of time when u something u tried to accomplish and failed.

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what is the difference between anf & centrifuge?

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• Do you know anyone who works for us?

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Difference between isometric & trimetric view

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how air cylinder cfm calcualted.suppose cylinder bore-40mm and stroke 70mm operating pressure 6bar calculate air cylinder cfm.

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which case we will find maximum pressure and flow in centrifugel pump- circular casing or volute casing.

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How to Start Boiler Electrical Feed Pump? I mean to How to Charge it?

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