how to calculate insulation level of transformer?

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Two electronic energy meters are connected to seperate phase wires, but connected to a looped neutral. Are these going to function correctly?

8 Answers   DRDO,

What will happen when we will connect lamp in between phase and earth. 

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At what point crngo works like as crgo

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what is the difference between online and offline UPS?

4 Answers   Prestige,

Why control of DC motor is simpler?

0 Answers   BARC,

why the earth pin is thicker than other pins in a plug? If it is for reducing resistance, then why the copper earth wire is not so thick as earth pin of socket?

5 Answers   Omax,

Generally transformers has delta primary and star secondary. But in some transformer i saw Star primary and delta secondary. what is the reason for chosing like this?

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i am going to attaned the engineer (disign)iterview at HAL please give me duid line

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if a train is running on a speed of 40 K MPH and crosses a individual passing by him in 48 secs who is riding a horse with a speed of 25 K MPH. what is the length of the train?

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What is expention fastener (Fan)

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Consider a case that two 200 hp motors are connected to 500KVA transformer. For improving power factor can we add capacitors in common bus bars to motors. Or should we add capacitors for each individual motor?

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what is the use of conservator in a transformer?

6 Answers   TATA, L&T, Tata Motors,

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